Month: May 2019

12 May by Kenneth Bowles

Personal Payday Loans for indebted up to PLN 15,000

Personal payday loan has been operating in Poland for over 20 years. At that time, several million Poles have already benefited from its services. In addition to Poland, the company provides loans in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania and even Mexico. Personal payday loan belongs to the international financial group IPF – International Personal Finance, […]
11 May by Kenneth Bowles

Financial Placement 2018: What are the Best Investments?

Like many French people, are you looking for solutions to make your capital grow in 2019? However, there are so many investments that you feel a little lost? You do not know how to choose to opt for the most interesting investments? To have the best financial investment 2019, read on! Summary of the page […]
2 May by Kenneth Bowles

Principles and rules in Community credit

Community credit is currently very popular. It is dedicated to businesses as well as individuals. Without the need to go through the banking system, we must know the provisions and rules. The merits of Community credit Crowdfunding is born of the inequality of some people before the traditional banking system. Their difficulty in accessing credit […]