Altavista Police Department Launches New Online Incident Reporting System | News


The Altavista Police Department is rolling out a new Citizen Incident Reporting Program effective today. The new online system is intended exclusively for the public to report non-urgent incidents. Emergencies should always be reported by calling 911.

The system is extremely easy to use.

1 Go to

2. Click on “Report and incident”.

3. Select the category: lost items, theft, vehicle theft, vandalism, vehicle vandalism. (The website provides descriptions and examples.)

4. The system will guide users through the process, collecting information from reporting citizens, details of the incident and any person, property or vehicle involved.

5. At the end of the process is a chance to review the information. It is important to do this, because once the report is submitted, the information cannot be edited.

The reporting system website works on computers, tablets and smartphones. “We believe this is an effective tool that the public can use to report incidents at will,” said DPA chief Tommy Merricks. “It also helps in trying to ‘flatten the curve’ with COVID-19

“Once a citizen files a report, it is submitted to a police department supervisor and will be assigned to an officer for follow-up.” Merricks added. “We want to reiterate that this does not replace our response. We will always respond as needed. This should make it easier for citizens to report non-urgent situations.

The new program is powered by CentralSquare Technologies, the document management systems company that the DPA and the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office have started using. Merricks pointed out that the citizen reporting service is provided free by CentralSquare until the end of the year as a service to help the community during the coronavirus time.

Chief Merricks said the DPA welcomes comments – both positive and negative – from the community regarding the new system.


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