Bi-weekly OHA COVID-19 report finds fewer deaths, hospitalizations and rising cases


PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) — The bi-weekly COVID-19 data report, released Wednesday by the Oregon Health Authority, shows an increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations and a slight decrease in deaths, as well as a drop in the total number of cases.

Here is the OHA report:

The OHA reported 18,598 new cases of COVID-19 from July 10-23, down 13.3% from the previous bi-weekly total of 21,452.

During the two-week period from July 10 to 23, test positivity was 13.8%, compared to 15.1% during the previous two-week period.

Wednesday’s bi-weekly COVID-19 outbreak report shows 223 active outbreaks in care facilities, senior living communities and congregate care facilities with three or more confirmed cases of COVID-19 or one or more deaths related to the COVID-19.

Upcoming Changes to Outbreak Reporting

Starting August 10, the OHA will stop reporting recent cases, active outbreaks, and resolved outbreaks in workplaces, daycares, and K-12 schools (Tables 3-9) in the report. bi-weekly on COVID-19 outbreaks. The OHA will continue to report active and resolved outbreaks in long-term care facilities, seniors’ residences, and congregate living settings (Tables 1-2).

These changes do not affect reporting of cases and outbreaks to the OHA. Outbreak surveillance, particularly in high-consequence settings, remains a priority for the OHA. We will continue to work with local public health authorities to provide resources and support during outbreak response, as needed.

We are making changes for several reasons. One reason is to align resources and personnel with the current stage of the pandemic and other public health needs. The bi-weekly outbreak reporting process is not fully automated and requires many hours of careful review to ensure accurate reporting. In addition, universal case investigation and contract tracing ended earlier this year, and the OHA has advised local public health authorities to focus data collection and outbreak response in settings. high-consequence, rather than in all contexts.


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