Break up in love? Reports of ‘intimacy’ in Wimbledon’s quiet new space | Wimbledon 2022


It is meant to be a space where guests can escape the bustling Wimbledon crowd and crowded courts.

But some couples in love would abuse a new rest room dedicated to SW19.

Onlookers reported seeing sheepish-looking couples emerging from the facility next to Court 12.

A viewer said he saw a man and a woman leaving the room with “big smiles” on their faces on Monday. “She was wearing a long, flowing summer dress and there was no doubt what they had done,” he said.

Another guest toured the establishment, which is made up of two adjoining rooms, and said he heard “sounds of privacy” coming from the next door.

However, most spectators use the room in accordance with its intended purpose. A woman said she prayed in the room and saw others using it for worship as well.

A member of SW19 staff added: “I think it’s meant to be for people who want a five minute break. I think that’s a good thing, I’ve seen old people come in to take a break from the sun, people come in to pray and mothers who want to breastfeed in private.

“But who knows if people use it for the – not the mile high club – but the Wimbledon high club.

“I don’t know how you would go about controlling it and making sure it’s being used for the purposes it’s intended for.”

The facility, which is new this year, appears in the latest Wimbledon brochure.

“Located in the Southern Village, the Quiet Room is a space where guests can retreat for a moment of private meditation, prayer or reflection or simply to escape the crowds around the grounds,” its description reads.

Each room has two armchairs, a folding table and charging stations.

An All England Club spokesperson said: “Our Quiet Room is an important part of our efforts to ensure that Wimbledon is for everyone. This inclusive space is used for a variety of reasons, including supporting those with additional needs and meeting any religious requirements or quiet reflection. »


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