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SYDNEY, Nova Scotia, Aug. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Carbide, an information security and data privacy management platform, today announced a number of significant enhancements designed to help fast-growing organizations implement security programs and large-scale confidentiality. As the volume and complexity of industry regulations and frameworks continue to evolve, the Carbide Platform enables organizations to meet multi-compliance demands and more easily achieve data security and protection. class to support their business growth objectives. To learn more about how we do this, visit

On average, organizations lose $4 million in revenue due to a single non-compliance event, according to recent research by GlobalScape. This instance alone cannot derail a company’s growth, but the sheer volume of complex frameworks and compliance regulations surrounding data protection and privacy has the potential to do just that, especially for small businesses. entities. ISOfor example, the world’s largest international standards organization, released 1,627 new standards in 2020 alone. With the latest platform enhancements, Carbide customers can streamline their efforts to implement and maintain a security and data protection program in accordance with the latest frameworks, regulations and best practices, all without sacrificing organizational growth.

Carbide Platform Highlights

1. Understanding Domains and Organizational Controls: With the addition of 12 security and data protection domains and 16 associated organizational controls, the Carbide Platform consolidates thousands of customer and regulatory requirements against a universal template to simplify both management and implementation. implemented. As organizations seek to comply with multiple frameworks or regulations, this new capability allows them to collect evidence once and process it all.

2. More integrations to accelerate the path to compliance: To further automate evidence collection and demonstrate compliance, Carbide continues to add new platform integrations, including BambooHR, Heroku, Okta, OneLogin, and Zenefits, among others. The ability to connect Carbide directly to platforms already in use for cloud services, human resources and password identity management allows customers to easily demonstrate how security controls are implemented.

3. Improve user experience: The updated platform also includes dashboard enhancements to provide more personalized insights into a customer’s security and privacy program. Featuring visualizations that can be customized based on user role, the new dashboard gives users a current snapshot of exactly where they are in their security and privacy journey.

“The Carbide platform brings together all the policies you need to cover for a set of security frameworks that matter to you. This gives you a view from 30,000 feet and then drills down into the policies and tasks required. It’s almost like paint-by-numbers because it’s designed to help you meet the requirements of multiple security frameworks at once,” said Stephen Fitzgerald, COO of Tenera Care.

Simplify multi-compliance with domains and organizational controls
Developed from an analysis of thousands of requirements embedded in regulations, dozens of industry frameworks such as NIST and ISO 27001, common contractual obligations and evolving industry best practices industry, Carbide Domains and Organizational Controls are designed to simplify the management and maintenance of safety and compliance programs, even as they grow in size and complexity. This new foundation makes it even easier to understand how controls overlap across multiple regulations and frameworks and apply relevant tasks universally to those pursued by an organization.

Users will be able to manage these items in the new organizational controls library. The functionality allows them to simplify tracking and managing progress, as well as filtering, sorting, and searching using organizational controls in the Evidence Manager, Implementation Plan, Policy Manager, and Compliance Center. report. Customers can quickly understand how frameworks and regulations relate, organize compliance efforts by domain, collect evidence once to meet requirements for multiple frameworks, meet compliance requirements for currently unsupported frameworks, and quicker access to new frames. More details available in today’s blog post.

“The days of skating with a ‘tick box’ style compliance effort tied to individual regulations or standards like SOC 2 or GDPR are coming to an end. Companies have sophisticated vendor review processes and third-party risk assessors familiar with many frameworks and regulations. Your startup must be prepared to competently answer detailed data security and privacy questions across potential regulations in order to secure a corporate agreement,” said Darren Gallop, CEO of Carbide. “Our new platform enhancements enable customers to do just that by showing their commitment to intentionally building enterprise-grade security and privacy by design. By providing the foundation to meet all compliance needs, not just one, we help customers comply, prevent breaches, and save money with a security and privacy program that amplifies their growth opportunities.

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About Carbide

Carbide, formerly known as Securicy, makes enterprise-grade security and privacy accessible to fast-growing businesses. Unlike checkbox-type compliance solutions, our information security and privacy management platform is based on universal best practices to enable clients to create, promote and demonstrate their commitment to security, no matter what security framework or privacy regulation they want to comply with.

By making it easy to embed security and privacy into your organization’s DNA, Carbide can help you strengthen your competitive advantage and accelerate your business’ growth trajectory. To learn more about how we can help you, no matter where you are in your safety journey, visit

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