CDC seeks to create centralized reporting system for COVID-19 test results


The CDC says it is looking to create a centralized, cloud-based platform for COVID-19 testing sites to use to report results to public health departments in order to facilitate the process.

“CDC seeks information from companies and other organizations about their capabilities, proven past performance, and ability to leverage a secure and scalable cloud-based platform to accept and transmit test data from testing entities to relevant local and national health departments, with a focus on multi-state, regional and national reporting entities, ”the agency said on November 2.

The CDC said more than 200 testing sites, including drugstore chains, pharmacies, private labs and healthcare providers, have learned about options for centralized reporting of results instead of communication systems. individual.

COVID-19 testing sites have told the CDC they are challenged by current reporting requirements to health departments in every state, local and county. Some said they had to provide daily reports of test results to more than 70 public health departments, each with different formatting requirements.

CDC to accept comments on its proposal to create the centralized reporting platform until November 30

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