Centralized reporting system among education transformation items introduced by government


PUTRAJAYA: Development of a centralized reporting system to record student assessment results is one of the elements of education transformation that will be introduced by the Ministry of Education, Chief Minister of Education said. Education, Datuk Dr. Radzi Jidin. (Photo).

In addition to reducing teachers’ workload, the system also aims to improve system efficiency in order to remain relevant in the current digital transformation.

Radzi said that currently a teacher is required to submit student assessment results to various parties, including the ministry and district education offices (PPDs).

“With this centralized reporting system, other parties who want to get the record (student results) can extract data from it. The same concept applies to the preparation of timetables, where there are still some schools that do this manually.

“The ministry will develop a special system for schools to generate timetables according to their respective needs,” he told reporters when he met at the three-day education transformation showcase from from August 12 at the Alamanda Mall here.

According to Radzi, the ministry is committed to creating the best educational ecosystem in addition to prioritizing the holistic development of students.

“For example, we have recently entered into a collaboration with FGV Holdings Berhad to help students better understand climate change,” he said, adding that transforming education also involves cooperation between government and communities. private sectors.

In order for the community, especially parents, to have a better understanding of the ministry’s education transformation and policies, Radzi said the ministry will hold a PPD open day in 142 locations across the country from August 26-27.

He also said that the ministry has received many positive comments from various parties, including community leaders involved in the education transformation agenda engagement sessions.

As part of the education transformation agenda, the ministry is also taking various initiatives including the abolition of the Primary School Achievement Test (UPSR) and Form Three Assessment (PT3) to ensure that school-based assessments (PBS) can be implemented effectively, as well as restructuring the teacher transfer process.

The education transformation showcase is among the events organized by the ministry under the “Bersama Semarakkan Transformasi Pendidikan” program currently running until September 30 across the country.

The showcase, among other things, highlights innovations and achievements of students and teachers, developments in digital education and system applications that facilitate the management of education.

Kartigesan M. Veloo, who was named the Innovative Preschool Teacher Icon for his Sensory Play Numerics invention, said he created the tool to help children aged four to six or students with math learning difficulties.

“It is essential that every student masters fundamental mathematical concepts before they can move on to more complex skills,” said teacher at Sekolah Kebangsaan Olak Lempit, Kuala Langat, Selangor.

The teacher said he had the idea to invent the tool in 2017 after seeing that some of his preschoolers were having difficulty solving basic math calculations.

Made from wooden blocks and cardboard, Sensory Play Numerics is equipped with motion-sensor lights that will light up if a student manages to arrange a list of numbers in the correct order.

Veloo, which has been teaching for 11 years, plans to improve the tool’s learning modules so that it can benefit more students.

Muhammad Haziq Ziman, 17, a student from Sekolah Seni Malaysia Perak, who recently attended the International High School Arts Festival in Japan, said the event gave him good exposure to learn about the artworks other countries.

“This is my second time participating in the contest and this year I managed to submit my painting which features animal designs such as Malayan Tiger and Koi,” said Muhammad Haziq who only put two weeks to produce his work in acrylic. painting techniques.

The Selangor-born student who started drawing at the age of eight, says he will continue to improve his painting skills.- Bernama


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