Children ‘greatly distressed’ over nursery closure after devastating Ofsted report


Channings Childcare will close one of its nurseries in Rochdale after Ofsted inspectors discovered a series of problems, including the fact that the bathroom door was often locked, meaning that older children who are toilet-dragged often have accidents.

The nursery will close following the report (stock photo)

A nursery has been closed following a ‘devastating’ Ofsted inspection despite owners pushing back on much of the criticism.

The owners of Channings Childcare in Rochdale are considering selling the premises following the scathing report.

Inspectors found that some children in the nursery were ‘extremely distressed’ and staff failed to acknowledge ‘serious concerns about the children’, Manchester Evening News reported.

The bathroom door was often locked which means older children who are toilet trained often have accidents.

Channings Childcare said it did not have the resources to expand further, although it had “fixed” the issues raised.

Whitehall Street installation of Channings Childcare in Rochdale



Nursery managers denied that any back-up incidents had occurred at the facility and claimed the report used “ruinous language” to describe minor irregularities and errors in reporting.

It is now closing, in part due to “recruitment and absenteeism”, a company spokesperson said.

Previously rated as ‘good’, the nursery has now been labeled ‘inadequate’ by the education watchdog following an inspection by officials last month.

Part of the report reads: “Backup devices are not effective. Managers and leaders failed to recognize and report serious concerns about children. These children have not been effectively protected.

“Most members of the staff team do not have access to up-to-date protection training and are unable to explain the general signs and symptoms of abuse, or the reporting procedure outside of the nursery.”

He adds that some staff do not know how to handle children appropriately, and the manager’s failure to react quickly to this puts them “at risk of harm or injury”.

While the report acknowledges that children enjoy their time at crèche, it notes that the program is ‘very general’ and does not take into account the individual needs of all young people.

He continues, “Some children are extremely upset and upset, which impacts the learning experience of other children.

“Staff attention is diverted from groups of children for long periods of time. This means their learning is interrupted and opportunities to develop their concentration are lost.”

Inspectors described nursery routines as ‘chaotic at times’, leading to ‘children’s confusion as to what happens next’.

“Older children cannot access the bathroom when they need to because the door is kept closed,” the report adds.

“This means that potty-training children have frequent accidents and are not properly supported in their self-care needs.”

Channings Childcare – which also runs five other nurseries in Rochdale and Oldham – has confirmed that its Whitehall Street facility is now closed.

A statement read: “Following a difficult Ofsted inspection and a devastating report, we have made the decision to close our Rochdale nursery from April 22, 2022. This is a closing permanent and the building will be sold.

“There were no backup incidents at this nursery, but the report uses the same ruinous language to describe minor irregularities and reporting errors.

“We do not close and have never closed the door of the toilets so that the children cannot access it. The door was closed due to a misunderstanding and the potty trained kids would never be left alone to access the bathroom.

“With the help of the community, all the issues we had to deal with were sorted out but, with the issues we are currently having with recruitment and absenteeism, we did not have the means to expand further.

“A big thank you to our parents who have been so supportive, especially in their concerns for our staff.”

An Ofsted spokesperson said: ‘Channings Childcare Ltd was inspected on March 17, 2022 and received an inadequate judgment for the reasons set out in the inspection report. On April 12, the supplier informed Ofsted of the decision to permanently close the establishment.

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