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DW Fanny Fassar reported from the western Ukrainian city of Lviv, near the Polish border, that authorities there are overwhelmed by the number of refugees arriving en route to other destinations outside the country. But she also says Ukrainians are increasingly asking not for humanitarian aid, but for help in closing Ukrainian airspace to prevent deadly Russian attacks.

Even in Lviv, which has been spared attacks for weeks, smoke billowed from a military aircraft repair factory following missile strikes on Friday.

Alexandra of Nahmen reported that there was smoke rising near Lviv International Airport, which is currently not open to commercial flights.

Although attacks in western Ukraine are less frequent, this was not the first time Russian rockets targeted Lviv, DW’s Mathias Bolinger reported from the city.

“We haven’t seen attacks on inner cities like we’ve seen in the east – in the east there’s a war targeting inner cities,” he said. “Here, military targets have been targeted from the start by rockets.

“Russia has targeted airports and similar infrastructure since the start of the war in all regions of Ukraine,” Bölinger told DW. “They are targets, that’s been clear from the start.”

“There is no full-scale war against the cities of western Ukraine, but, of course, these rocket attacks on infrastructure targets are part of the war.”

Much attention also remains focused on Russian forces in eastern Ukraine and the port city of Mariupol, where 19-year-old Yuri shared his outlook on life in the beleaguered port city with the DW reporter. Nick Connoly.

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