Covid death notification system is robust and transparent: Center


India has a robust Covid-19 death notification system, the Center said, following reports suggesting the under-reporting of mortality figures.

Stressing that it has been transparent in handling Covid-19 data and that a robust system for recording deaths already exists, the Department of Health said states and union territories have been entrusted with responsibility to update the data of this particular system on an ongoing basis.

“There have been speculative media reports of higher Covid death figures, based on National Health Mission Health Management Information System (HMIS) data. The report compares data from the Civil Registration System (CRS) and HMIS to draw the wrong conclusions,” the ministry said. Furthermore, he added that attributing any deaths to Covid without any basis other than empirical data is “wrong and such inferences are just figments of the imagination”.

Deaths by district

To avoid any inconsistencies in the number of reported deaths, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has issued “Guidance for Proper Registration of Covid-Related Deaths in India” for correct registration of deaths as per ICD codes -10 recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for mortality coding, the statement said. The ministry also stressed the need for a strong reporting mechanism to monitor cases and deaths in the districts on a daily basis.

The clarification comes even as several states have added their backlog of deaths to the daily toll. Recently, Madhya Pradesh added its backlog of 1,478 deaths. Likewise,

Maharashtra had also done so in June, adding a backlog of casualties to the daily toll. According to reports, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Odisha have also reconciled the number of recorded deaths.


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