Dealerslink Unveils New Automated Inventory Reporting System for Auto Dealerships


Dealerslink is thrilled to announce the development of an automated reporting system that allows dealers to get custom inventory reports delivered to their inbox. This system is developed to allow dealers to use these reports in their custom dealership processes. The Dealerslink team recognizes that every dealership has their own way of doing things and has developed this system with that in mind. This system will allow dealers to get the data they want on the days they want. Dealerslink believes this system will help streamline the process for dealers and help them run their business more efficiently.

The automated report delivery system is a major improvement over the previous manual process that dealers had to go through each time they wanted a report from the inventory manager. With Dealerslink, dealers will now have the option to create a custom report and receive it by 8:00 a.m. This report is generic and customizable, which means dealers can get the information they need when they want it, whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly, or any other interval. The system is also flexible, so dealers can generate reports for all stores, just a few stores, or by location. This flexibility allows dealers to make the best decisions for their business and better manage their inventory.

“Today, more than ever, it is essential for dealers to have a clear and extremely precise view of their inventory. This upgrade to our Dealerslink software is another example of how we listen to our customers’ needs and implement them into our solutions,” notes Devon Peterson, Vice President of Dealer Services at Dealerslink.

Unlike other providers, Dealerslink will set this up for our customers. We will create the report according to the needs of each dealer, customizing the columns, options and frequency. Dealers will receive an email with a simple link, not an attachment, to download the report via Excel. Sending a link, rather than sending attachments which could be very large, makes receiving and sharing the report simple.

“In other words, we make it easy for our customers to get the information they need without any hassle. This is just one of the ways Dealerslink provides superior service. We delivered on our promise to simplify inventory management for our customers,” says Peterson.

With the new upgrade, reports are now automated, customizable, and easily shared among team members. The report delivery system is now live and included with Dealerslink’s inventory export package.

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Founded in the late 90s by a team of automotive industry experts, Dealerslink has become the fastest growing inventory management company in the country. The brand is the only true new and used automotive dealership management software solution driven by market data, combined with billion-dollar inventory on demand and directly by the dealership. Using industry-leading Dealerslink software, dealers can find, price, price, market, manage and release inventory with the most powerful all-in-one solution in the industry.

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