Disaster Information Reporting System (DIRS)


The FCC created the Disaster Information Reporting System (DIRS) on September 11, 2007, in response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.

DIRS is a voluntary, web-based system through which the Commission collects information on the operational status and restoration of communications providers during major disasters and subsequent recovery efforts. DIRS provides communications providers with a single, coordinated, and consistent process for reporting information about the status of their communications infrastructure in the event of a disaster. DIRS collects infrastructure status information from wireline, wireless, broadcast, cable, interconnected VoIP, and broadband service providers. DIRS reporting is mandatory for all Stage 2 recipients of the Uniendo a Puerto Rico fund and the Connect USVI fund.

In times of crisis, DIRS enables communication providers to quickly report service degradations and request assistance. In turn, the FCC compiles the data and provides network status information to federal emergency management officials and issues public reports of aggregate restoration information. The FCC’s analysis informs federal partners’ restoration efforts and the agency’s own assessments of the reliability of communications during disasters. Information on the condition of the infrastructure reported in the DIRS is presumed confidential.

DIRS activations usually precede an anticipated major emergency, such as a major hurricane, or follow an unforeseeable disaster. The FCC announces DIRS activations through public notices and emails to DIRS participants. The announcements list the counties covered by the activation and provide reports and contact information. These announcements will also indicate whether the FCC will suspend its network outage reporting rules for DIRS participants during the DIRS activation period.

In recent years, DIRS has been activated for events such as Hurricane Matthew in 2016; hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria and Nate in 2017; hurricanes Lane, Florence and Michael in 2018; hurricanes Barry and Dorian in 2019; tropical storms Isaias, Marco and Laura as well as hurricanes Sally, Delta and Zeta in 2020; and for Tropical Storm Henri in 2021. Additionally, DIRS was activated in response to California power outages in 2019 and for earthquakes and a derecho in 2020. When DIRS is activated, the FCC typically issues daily reports on the status of online communications.

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