Fargo police add online reporting system


FARGO, ND (KVRR) – The Fargo Police Department joins a growing trend of departments across the country using an online system for lower level crime.

Fargo Police is adding a new way for people to report crimes to improve efficiency. The Desk Officer Reporting System, or DORS, has gained popularity in police departments across the country. The system is intended to be used for lower priority crimes and community participation is essential as anyone is allowed to report a crime.

“This allows technology to be used to make our service more efficient, so we are constantly striving to make the best use of our staff resources, which are the most valuable resources we have, ensuring that we serve the community of the best way possible,” Fargo Police Chief David Zibolski said.

It can be used on a web browser or an app and will work on any device, from desktops to iPads.

“It’s going to allow people to report certain crimes online or via their mobile phone without having to wait for an officer to respond and those are the types of crimes that are not in progress, the suspect is not known, he is not There is no security problem, there is no evidence to collect. We get a lot of these types of calls that currently require an officer to come to the scene and that takes them away from some of the other priority things that they might otherwise be doing,” Zibolski said.

The Fargo police are happy to have another added element to help them solve crimes and give fewer people a reason to call or have an officer present.

“Department staff, officers have also been asking for this for some time to help alleviate the high volume of calls. I mean over time we get a lot of calls that after all have nothing to do with law enforcement and it will be a different review process, but things like this that are of low priority, even if we recognize that they are important for the person concerned, do not require the agent to be physically there for us to obtain this, “said Zibolski.

The police are currently fine-tuning the system and plan to launch it on March 28.


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