FB denies Kazakh claim to access its content reporting system


New Delhi, November 2: Facebook’s parent company Meta on Tuesday denied a claim by the Kazakh government that it had gained direct access to Facebook’s content reporting system.

In a statement, the government said it was convinced that the use of the “Content Reporting System” will increase the efficiency and overall effectiveness of the work carried out to combat the spread of illegal content on the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

A spokesperson for Meta told IANS the company has a dedicated online channel for governments around the world to report content they believe violates local law.

“We follow a consistent global process to assess individual claims – regardless of any government – in accordance with Facebook policies, local laws and international human rights standards. This process is the same in Kazakhstan as in other countries of the world, ”said the spokesperson for Meta.

In a previous joint statement, the government of Kazakhstan quoted Facebook’s regional director of public policy, George Chen, as saying “with harmful content in a more efficient and effective manner.”

The Kazakh government, however, released its own statement, independent of Facebook, and included correspondence between the company and the Kazakh government on its government application process and the training the social network provides to governments using the system.

Facebook continues to fight allegations by whistleblower Frances Haugen and others regarding the privacy of user data and the presence of disinformation on its platforms.(IANS)


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