Finance is looking for a partner to refresh the performance reporting system


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The Department of Finance is looking for a partner to refresh its performance reporting system as the existing one is subject to contracts that will soon expire.

The new system, according to a tender document (RFT), will include a digital annual reporting tool (DART), a transparency portal containing reports, plans and declarations, as well as a data repository on the performance of the managed storage system.

The department said its existing digital annual report tool and transparency portal had been in use since 2018, but was now considering an all-digital approach to writing annual reports.

As such, the three elements of the new system are expected to become the “single and definitive source of Commonwealth performance information, providing easy access to information for Parliament and the public”.

Currently, only entity annual reports are available through its existing portal, which is hosted on GovCMS SaaS (software as a service) and allows users to visualize data on various data points.

Additionally, the current system works through the use of redaction reports in a suite of productivity tools, which are then copied and pasted once approved. The department claimed that this creates process inefficiency and also presents a risk of transcription errors, such as manually entering a spreadsheet into a table.

“The Department of Finance intends to expand the information on the portal to incorporate additional information, such as business plans and portfolio budget statements in HTML format,” the document said.

“With this expansion, the vendor will need to be able to link metrics across performance reports, with a view to providing a “clear line of sight” between metrics in portfolio budget statements, their presence in corporate plans and report them in the annual performance statements in the entities’ annual reports.

The RFT is open for tenders until June 27, with the contract to start from October 31.

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