GDPH reporting system issues have been resolved and daily Georgia COVID Status update has been released


The Georgian Ministry of Public Health Daily status report was released today, after several days of absence due to problems with the state’s electronic laboratory reporting system.

The GDPH message released with the report reads:

“The numbers in today’s dashboard accurately reflect current case and testing data. The change from the previous update represents the resolution of issues with ELR. An upcoming press release will provide additional information about the issue and its resolution.

The Courier will provide further details when the ministry releases its press release.

According to the latest report, Cobb County has a case rate of 2,120.19 per 100,000 population for the past 14 day period. There were 16,762 new cases during the 14-day reporting period. Figures released on January 5 showed a case rate of 2,067.58 and 16,349 new cases, so there has been an increase in the case rate since the last update was released.

There have been 1,361 deaths in the county since the start of the pandemic, compared to 1,353 in the January 5 report, so there have been eight deaths since last week’s report.

Hospital Bed and Ventilator Utilization Report for Region N

Region N includes Cherokee, Cobb, Douglas, and Paulding counties.

Region N has

1,253 general hospital beds in use on 1,467 total number of beds, or 85.41% of capacity.

192 Intensive care beds used out of a total of 200 total number of intensive care beds, or 96.00% of capacity.

256 ED beds in use on 322 total number of beds, or 79.50% of capacity.

117 fans used out of 179 total fans, or 65.36% of capacity.

Statewide data reported today

Confirmed cases Antigen positive cases Confirmed deaths Hospitalizations
79,739 21,598 118 1,297

For data on COVID in Cobb County and statewide

Cobb & Douglas Public Health publishes the case rate on its homepage, although it is not updated frequently.

Visit the Cobb & Douglas Public Health home page by following this link

A more frequently updated summary of COVID statistics for Cobb County is the CDC’s County View page for Cobb County. The numbers come from the Georgia Department of Public Health, but are displayed in a way that’s much easier to read than the GDPH’s sprawling website. From this page you can get a week’s figures on the number of new cases, the rate of cases per 100,000 population, hospitalizations, deaths and the percentage change from the previous 7-day period. . It also includes data on testing and vaccination rates.

Visit the CDC County View page for Cobb County by following this link

The Georgian Ministry of Public Health releases a daily report on the status of the pandemic every afternoon around 3 p.m. It’s a comprehensive report with detailed data and charts organized statewide and by county, which also includes age breakdowns, racial demographics, and vaccination and testing data. .

It’s not the easiest system to navigate, but it’s worth spending time learning to use if you want the latest national and local data on the status of COVID-19.

Visit the Georgia Department of Public Health Daily Status Report by following this link

To get an overview of the pressure the pandemic has placed on hospital systems in terms of emergency room visits, hospital bed capacity and ventilator use, there is a report on hospital bed utilization and fans with interactive maps. The map is organized by hospital region, and Cobb County is part of Region N.

Visit the Georgia Hospital Beds and Ventilator Report by following this link

For data on the percentage of patients in Georgia hospitals who were admitted for COVID-19 versus all other causes, there is a Georgia Medical Facility Patient Census. It also reports numbers by state and by hospital region.

Visit the Georgia Medical Facility Patient Census by following this link


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