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The opening day of the 2021 turkey hunting season is fast approaching and there is a major change from a year ago for the roughly 50,000 hunters who target gobblers in South Carolina.

The season structure and bag limits remain the same, but this year electronic reporting will be mandatory via SC Game Check.

“This was actually part of the season law which was passed in 2019 and came into effect last year. The crop reporting part has been implemented for a year and we are there now,” a said Charles Ruth, Big Game coordinator for the SC department. natural resources.

SC Game Check is currently being rolled out and turkey hunters will receive information on how to report harvested turkeys when they receive their hunting tags.

“There will be three ways to report,” said Ruth. “Soon they will be able to download a free mobile application. It really is that simple. Once people download and set up their profile, it won’t take 20 seconds to report a turkey. There will be an online reporting system on our website. (dnr.sc.gov) it’s very simple. And there will also be a toll-free number that you can call, although we will try to keep people away from it. This is a key part and you need to enter your customer ID by keyboard, choose your harvest county. This is a typical phone key punch entry. “

The seasonal bag limit for residents remains at three birds, no more than one per day, and hunters are limited to one turkey for the first 10 days of the season. Non-resident hunters will be limited to two birds. Residents of the state are required to purchase a set of three tags for $ 5, while the two tags for non-residents are $ 100. Ruth said hunters eligible for free tags – young hunters, lifetime licensees and senior license holders – will receive their tags if they requested them last year. If they have not requested the tags, they must do so before hunting this year.

The 40-day private land season in Gaming Zones 3 and 4, which includes most of the lower part of the state, including Charleston, runs from March 22 to April 30. The season for play zones 1 and 2 runs from April 1 to May 10. The statewide season in Wildlife Management Areas is April 1-30. Check wildlife management areas for specific hunting dates on those properties.

Ruth said the 2020 turkey crop was down about 19% from 2019, continuing a downward trend.

“There are so many factors that I’m reluctant to mention anyone,” said Ruth. “We had a whole new season structure. We had for the first time a limitation of one turkey for the first 10 days of the season. This was clearly an effort to reduce the early harvest of these adult birds in terms of potential implications with breeding activity. And then you pile COVID on top of it. “

Ruth said there has been a slight increase in hunter effort in South Carolina as well as other turkey hunting states in the region.

Fishing is

“(Turkey’s season) is when the shutdown was going on a lot,” said Ruth. “People had a lot more free time. We saw some increase but not a lot.”

Ruth said this year’s heavy rainfall is not expected to affect South Carolina turkeys as they are adults. He said abnormal rains in May and June, during the nesting and brood-rearing season, would be of concern.

“But it’s a long way. We might be in a drought by then,” said Ruth. “Usually a lot of rain in late spring, early summer is not good for turkey breeding.”

Floods force MNR to close properties

The SC Department of Natural Resources has announced that the Santee Cooper Wildlife Management Area and Wateree River Heritage Reserve Wildlife Management Area have been closed due to excessive rains and flooding.

The flood also closed some or all of the vehicle access roads at the following properties: Webb Wildlife Center; WMA of Palachucola; WMA of Hamilton Ridge; Lewis Ocean Bay Heritage Reserve; the Waccamaw River Heritage Reserve; Little Pee Dee Heritage Reserve; Swamp WMA; WMA of Woodbury; and the Great Pee Dee Heritage Preserve.

American Nautical Club

America’s Boating Club Charleston will be holding a boating safety course on March 13 at 1376 Orange Grove Road, Charleston. A course will also be held March 20 at the Berkeley County Emergency Training Center in Moncks Corner. Classes start at 9 a.m. and end around 4 p.m. Successful participants obtain the SC Department of Natural Resources Boater Education Card. The cost is $ 25 for adults and youth ages 12-18 are free. Call (843) 312-2876 or email [email protected]

Brady Bates Redfish Open

The Brady Bates Youth Redfish Open Scholarship Tournament is scheduled for April 10 at Buck Hall Landing. The tournament is part of the Student Angler League Tournament Trail. Visit salttfishing.com for more information.


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