HEB, USAA among top 10 taxpayers in Bexar County


Every year, the majority of Bexar County’s revenue comes from its property taxes, estimated for the 2020-2021 fiscal year at nearly $ 516 million.

Examining top taxpayers shows some of the largest concentrations of capital, or land assets, in the city.

The Bexar County Assessment District publishes an annual list of the top 10 taxpayers for each tax entity in the county, including schools, emergency districts and others.

For clarity, this article focuses only on taxes paid to the county. Bexar County’s tax rate is just under 30 cents per $ 100 of assessment, following a mostly token reduction in the rate from last year.

# 1 Microsoft

Estimated Market Value of Properties: $ 1.74 billion

Derogations: Nothing

County property tax estimate: $ 5.23 million

Microsoft’s fiscal windfall for Bexar County comes mainly from its data centers, which it is building in the far west. The software giant has sought to concentrate its data centers in San Antonio since 2005, when it completed its first data center in the city, a 427,000 square foot facility in Westover Hills. It has been built more at a steady pace since then.

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation records show Microsoft has up to five data centers under construction or about to begin construction soon.

Despite the large size of these data centers, relatively few workers are employed at these sites. For example, Microsoft’s 1 million square foot center in Texas Research Park is expected to employ approximately 150 workers when completed in 2022.

# 2 HEB

Estimation of the market value of properties: $ 1.73 billion

Exemptions: $ 3.74 million

County property tax estimate: $ 5.19 million

Unlike the relatively small number of workers employed by Microsoft relative to its footprint, HEB is San Antonio’s largest private employer with around 20,000 workers, according to figures from Bigger: SATX, formerly known as the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation.

The local grocery giant says its average store measures around 70,000 square feet. But its largest store is the 182,000 square foot HEB Plus located at Loop 1604 and Bandera Road, which will be expanded by an additional 24,000 square feet. HEB also has grocery distribution centers on the East Side.

HE-B’s head office is also located in San Antonio. Its campus on South Flores Street was valued at over $ 49 million.

# 3 San Antonio Methodist Health System

Estimation of the market value of properties: $ 794.09 million

Exemptions: $ 31.18 million

County property tax estimate: $ 2.29 million

The San Antonio Methodist Health Care System operates nearly two dozen health care facilities, including nine acute care hospitals in the city. The system is owned by Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, a non-profit organization in San Antonio, as well as HCA Healthcare, a for-profit company based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Its flagship Methodist Hospital, established in 1963, is one of the largest hospitals in the country with nearly 1,000 licensed beds. It also offers San Antonio’s only heart transplant program.

# 4 Toyota

Estimation of the market value of properties: $ 856.27 million

Exemptions: $ 146 million

County property tax estimate: $ 2.13 million

Attracted by local tax breaks, Toyota opened its Tundra pickup truck manufacturing plant in 2006 in the far south. The site was originally intended to house an assembly plant, but evolved during construction to become a full automotive production site. Since then, many suppliers have also settled in the region.

In 2019, the Japanese automaker announced a $ 391 million expansion of the plant, the largest injection of capital since production began at the plant.

Toyota currently employs approximately 3,000 workers at its San Antonio plant.

# 5 Walmart

Estimation of the market value of properties: $ 639.27 million

Derogations: Nothing

County property tax estimate: $ 1.92 million

San Antonio has 29 Walmart stores, more than any city in the United States. Its first location opened on Nacogdoches Road in 1984.

A big contributor to its property taxes is its footprint. On average, the company says its neighborhood markets are about 42,000 square feet each, and its supercenters are about four times the size.

Its most popular store was its Supercenter in Universal City at 510 Kitty Hawk Rd., Which was valued at over $ 15 million in 2021.

# 6 Baptist health system

Estimation of the market value of properties: $ 497.18 million

Derogations: Nothing

County property tax estimate: $ 1.4 million

Like HEB, Baptist Health System is one of the city’s largest employers. Approximately 7,500 employees work for its many hospitals, emergency care clinics, imaging centers and stand-alone emergency services.

Founded in 1903, the Baptist Medical Center is one of the oldest hospitals in San Antonio.

# 7 USAA

Estimation of the market value of properties: $ 355 million

Exemptions: Nothing

County property tax estimate: $ 1.06 million

USAA has approximately seven large office spaces across the city. The largest of these is its headquarters on the northwest side, which, at over 5 million square feet, is enough to take its own zip code.

However, the financial services company – actually a collection of companies – is trying to reduce its office footprint, at least temporarily, as many of its employees work remotely, at least part of the time. The company recently confirmed that it is looking to vacate and sublet its downtown office at the corner of North St. Mary’s and Convent streets. Last year, it also sublet its Vista Corporate Center, a large office space on the North Side.

# 8 La Cantera shops

Estimation of the market value of properties: $ 329.65 million

Exemptions: Nothing

County property tax estimate: $ 989,000

The Shops at La Cantera is a sprawling outdoor mall in La Cantera, a planned resort community developed by the real estate wing of the USAA that includes Six Flags Fiesta Texas. There are over 150 stores and restaurants in the mall, which debuted in 2005. A second phase opened in 2008.

While about 1.3 million square feet of land has been appraised at around $ 70,000, the additional development is worth much more, according to records from the Bexar County Assessment District.

# 9 AT&T

Estimation of the market value of properties: $ 308.18 million

Derogations: $ 850

County property tax estimate: $ 924,500

AT&T may have broken the hearts of county officials nearly 13 years ago when it moved its headquarters from San Antonio to Dallas, but it’s still a notable contributor to the county coffers. The telecommunications company, which reported nearly $ 172 billion in revenue last year, retains ownership of several office spaces, such as its 476,000 square foot downtown building at 105 Auditorium Circle, currently valued at $ 8.5 million.

Even more valuable is the $ 131 million worth of phone lines, field boxes and land, according to records from the Bexar County Assessment District.

# 10 Frankel Family Trust

Estimation of the market value of properties: $ 307.4 million

Derogations: Nothing

County property tax estimate: $ 922,000

Based in Santa Ana, California, the company has developed several luxury apartments in the city. One example is the Villas at the Rim, which has all the usual high-end features like tennis courts and a resort spa, but also luxury amenities like a pétanque court, an Italian garden game.

The other resorts are Villas at Oakwell Farms, The Vintage, Estates of Northwoods, Villas at Medical Center, The Lodge at Westover Hills, and Villas of Vista Del Norte.


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