Hello Bello Factory Opening Brings Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard to Waco | News from local businesses


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The new business addition will help Waco put its place on the map, he said.

“In August of this year, the Wall Street Journal ranked Waco as the seventh fastest growing real estate market in the county,” Meek said, also noting the city’s growth as a tourist hotspot.

“I think the world is really watching Waco right now,” Meek said.

He said Waco doesn’t try to be seen, but people keep Waco on their radar because of the values ​​the city carries.

“People see who we are, they see what’s in our DNA,” Meek said. “I call it the Waco Method: people of integrity, caring, courageous and resilient, who improve, innovate and always move forward. … And when I look at Hello Bello’s business, I see similar values.

Kelly Palmer, a member of the Waco City Council, said she hopes Bell and Shepard, and the couple’s positive image, attached to the company will contribute to developments that put Waco in a positive light.

“I hope this is part of our changing narrative at Waco – that Waco is forward thinking, that we care about the kids, that we care about meeting people’s basic needs – and I think that’s really what. that Kristen and Dax are presenting themselves to the world as, and hopefully this will be part of our larger narrative as opposed to some of our darker lower bellies, ”Palmer said.“ Any good press Waco can get is a victory and I hope it will attract others in their circles and networks to see Waco as a viable option for business. “

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