Illinois State Police Announces First Year Success of New Crime Reporting System


Springfield, IL-(Radio Effingham)- The Illinois State Police is pleased to announce that since being certified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on January 1, 2021, over 300 law enforcement agencies have converted to the new National Incident Reporting System (NIBRS) of Illinois’ new Uniform Crime Reporting Program.

The Illinois NIBRS captures details about each criminal incident, as well as separate offenses within the same incident, including information about victims, known offenders, victim-offender relationship, arrestees , property involved and weapons used in all violent crimes. The system can track crime trends, crime rates, arrest trends and has interactive mapping capabilities to capture a total of 58 index crimes. The certification process took six months and involved 40 local law enforcement agencies.

“Advancing the fight against violent crime through law enforcement is one of PSI’s core missions. We are committed to providing our personnel and law enforcement partners with the tools, technology and resources necessary to achieve this goal. The increased functionality of the Illinois NIBRS repository further enhances criminal investigations with critical data,” said ISP Director Brendan F. Kelly.

For more information about the NIBRS and the I-UCR program, please visit: Illinois Uniform Crime Reporting


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