Intermountain Implements Cloud-Based Chest Reporting System


Intermountain Healthcare based in Salt Lake City implemented a system-wide integration of a cloud-based chest reporting system and risk assessment tool.

Ikonopedia, a cloud-based structured reporting and law management system for mammography quality standards, has been implemented at 27 Intermountain Healthcare facilities, including six Intermountain Healthcare hospitals and the care center breast cancer specialist Janice Beesley Hartvigsen of Intermountain Medical Center, according to an April 5 news release. .

The system, which can integrate with Cerner’s EHR, Siemens Medicalis and other imaging systems, will help patients get accurate and timely information about their breast care.

According to the press release, the system can prevent errors, maintain BI-RADS compliant language and automate processes. It can also eliminate laterality errors, automatically choose the right patient letters for the exam, and extract previous exam results.

“We selected Ikonopedia’s innovative cloud-based structured breast reporting system to accurately track data, standardize reporting, and identify high-risk patients for enhanced MRI screening,” said Brett Parkinson, MD, Director of Imaging for Breast Care Services at Intermountain. “Our goal is to provide high-quality care to every patient through the use of intuitive, easy-to-use risk assessment and reporting tools that allow us to personalize screening and prioritize high-risk patients. .”


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