Minecraft responds to fans unhappy with new reporting system


The new Minecraft Java Edition update has arrived, and developer Mojang has responded to players who are still unhappy with its player reporting system.

The new changes were first introduced a month ago in a preview of version 1.19.1, and players were already voicing their concerns online.

JewelTK, which runs its own Minecraft server, posted a video on the Minecraft subreddit explaining why they were against the change.

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JewelTK said that along with other server hosts, they are now concerned about banning players from their servers due to potential Player Reporting abuse. The new system is a tool that “enables players to report inappropriate chat messages or dangerous behavior” for human moderation.

This has made some server hosts reluctant to ban players from their servers, as they can now be reported multiple times by the same person from different accounts, resulting in an account ban for them. An account ban prevents a player from fully accessing multiplayer, including any servers they own, allowing them to play in single-player mode only.

Now that version 1.19.1 has been officially released, Mojang has officially responded to Player Reporting’s criticisms, but the statement did little to reassure gamers.

Community manager MojangMeesh left a comment on the official release of version 1.19.1.

“Firstly, we know there has been a rollback to the player reporting system that is being introduced in this upcoming update…Secondly, while we understand that this may not be the answer some of you were hoping, we don’t plan to change it.”

Players are angry that Mojang is now essentially able to enforce server moderation rules globally, with the only hope of countering the bans issued by Player Reporting being to submit an appeal for review. They also don’t believe that creating a dialogue with Mojang will create much change, as Mojang has stated its commitment to the new system.

MojangMeesh also referenced the harassment Mojang employees have faced on Reddit and encouraged players to leave comments on official channels, including Reddit threads. The majority of replies to MojangMeesh, however, point out that there have been many comments regarding player reports in the appropriate places that have not been listened to, despite Mojang claiming to “want” to hear what players have to say.


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