New app helps drivers with accident reporting process


In the event of an accident, the Accident Plan application guides drivers through securing the premises and reporting the accident.

A new mobile application aims to help truck drivers involved in an accident to file their accident report.

The Accident Plan app first asks a driver if they’re involved in an accident, and if so, then it notifies all of the supervisors listed on the driver’s account. He then asks a series of questions to find out the severity of the accident and whether the driver called 911.

Once the driver has alerted the authorities of an accident, the app gives the driver instructions on how to secure the scene of the accident, cooperate with the police, take pictures of the accident and collect other data. Once all of this is done, Accident Plan compiles the information into an accident report.

“The haulier has long been at a disadvantage when it comes to crash defense,” says Brendan Dawson, founder and CEO of Accident Plan. “This is due, at least in part, to the fact that the driver does not have the proper tools and training to properly handle a stressful event at the scene of an accident. “

A subscription to the service is $ 25 per driver per year. An example of the full crash report created by the app can be seen here. The application is available on iPhone and Android.


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