New York to change Covid hospitalization reporting system


A vaccination bus in Midtown Manhattan. (AP Photo / Mary Altaffer, file)

Starting Tuesday, New York will divide the number of people hospitalized with coronavirus into two categories, Governor Kathy Hochul said at a press conference on Monday.

“It was the winter wave we predicted,” Hochul said, noting that there were 51,000 positive coronavirus cases reported that day, and it was likely an undercoverage due to the closure of many test sites for January 1.

“These numbers are rather shocking when you think about where we are at, but as we have to remind everyone, this is not the first strain of COVID-19,” the governor continued. “The severity of the disease is much lower than what we have seen before. “

To collect more data on the relationship between the new variant of circulating omicron and its severity, the state will count severe cases of coronavirus that people are brought to the hospital specifically for treatment separately from patients who come to the hospital. for other reasons, such as like a car accident or are there as a visitor and are routinely tested and the results are positive, but their cases are mild or asymptomatic.

Hospitalizations are still high; 21 New York State hospitals have suspended elective procedures due to 10% or less staffing bed capacity. Last month, the number of hospitals limiting elective surgeries was 32.

“We have enough data to say at the moment, we can say with certainty, that the cases are not presenting as severely as they might have or as we had feared,” Hochul said. “It’s the silver lining.”


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