Nigeria: Aviation Accident – Aib Mulls Digital Infographic Reporting System


Abuja – The Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) has hinted that it has made plans to digitize the graphics in the database to make it easier for airlines to read, including anyone interested in the report.

The agency also said the digital incident reporting system has been discussed by the Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and industry players have given the green light.

AIB Commissioner / CEO Akin Olateru, speaking at 2-Day Industry Engagement on the Review of Accident Reports in Abuja, noted that if it is in place, the Nigeria would be the first country in the world to deploy such formats.

According to him, with this, Nigeria will be the world leader in terms of accident investigation reporting system.

He noted that BIA is not a blame game but its job is to improve safety, find out what happened and the causative factor, and see how it can prevent recurrence.

Akin pointed out that the International Civil Aviation Organization has a format for reporting incidents that writes 100 pages of documents and presents them to the world, but “we want to challenge the status quo by developing a new way of presenting the report to the public.

“We want to graphically digitize the database which is the same text we produce in a Word document and put it in a graphical digital format, which makes it easier for airlines to read, including anyone interested in the report can just go to a particular session rather than going through documents, you can just click on the graph and it tells you about the human factor and if it’s the engine that interests you, you click and it gives you all the information This is to simplify our incident reporting system. “

He further underscored the need to invest in research and development for any institution to move forward, stating: “There is a need to re-evaluate the systems and procedures of doing things and find a simplified way of doing things for the better. improve productivity, which is what has been done in AIB. “

He revealed that the process is currently in the provisioning state and will be ready before the end of the year.

Speaking on the unique notification systems among all aviation agencies, the AIB Commissioner disclosed his intention to create an aviation safety hub in which the private sector and other aviation agencies relevant would come together to work on a platform such that when an accident is reported it would be seen by all stakeholders, and; also when the accident report is released, it would be seen by everyone.

He said: “If their serious NCAA usually sends us documents on the results of their investigations and the AIB also does the reverse, then we need to simplify by digitizing our work.”

Continuing, he hinted that Saudi Arabia had shown interest in partnering with them on the project, noting that it was a big innovation that would change the face of the world in terms of an investigative report on the project. accidents.

“We would have a platform that airlines, stakeholders subscribe to and access to train their pilots, engineers and others. For us, this is an opportunity to generate Internal Generated Revenue (IGR).” , did he declare.


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