Pokemon Unite’s reporting system is seriously destroyed


We’ve all been there – you’re playing an online game and having a blast until – oh no! – miserable idiots who live to ruin other people’s days show up and the whole concept of “fun” is horribly snatched from endless streams of oaths and seething contempt. In most games, you can report these players for grief, inactivity, or offensive language. In Pokemon Unite, unless someone stands still for several minutes or leaves a Ranked match prematurely, they’re off the hook before they’re even there.

I’ve written about this before – how Pokemon Unite has a serious slow motion issue, which is compounded by the game’s lack of knowledge of how support roles are supposed to work. Really, however, it goes much further than that. As it stands, the entire Pokemon Unite reporting system is completely destroyed. Not only are there far too few options to represent all of the ways people can behave badly, it’s also incredibly easy to just… get away with it.

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Granted, Unite doesn’t have voice chat and all text commands are pre-written, which means the most aggressive thing you can do in terms of communicating with other players is just messaging. spam, which… Yes, it’s annoying, but not some court-worthy atrocity. I can understand the position that once that reduces toxicity – at least in-game, during matches – the reporting system can be significantly more lenient. On the contrary, I think it should make it easier to identify behaviors worth reporting, because there are fewer people doing bad things. The fight against toxicity should theoretically get easier as your scope narrows. You can’t just say, “Voice chat is gone, another job well done.” ”

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The main problem with how reports work in Unite is its fair play system. Essentially, you are rewarded daily – I say rewarded, but 20 Aeos coins is the equivalent of dust on a dime – for not being flagged. If you are reported for toxic behavior – read: idling, as there are no other options for reporting other infractions – Timi will investigate and, if you are found guilty, you will lose points. Your first offense won’t get you banned, and a second will only temporarily prevent you from standing in line until you collect your point total, which, like … is easy. There is absolutely no fear of repercussions here – people can do whatever they want and, come tomorrow, they can still hook up and piss.

This whole structure needs to be reviewed. Slight revisions or fixes aren’t enough – the fundamental framework for how player reporting works in Pokemon Unite needs to be rebuilt from the ground up in order to successfully block people who only want to play the game and ruin it for others. Plus, it’s free to play – I saw some absurd arguments in my day that banning someone permanently for toxicity is unfair because they paid for a certain game. They also knew they didn’t have to. not behave in a stupid and potentially fanatical manner, so the loss is their fault, not the developers. Even if you subscribe to this nonsense, Pokemon Unite is, I repeat, free. No one loses anything other than the ability to play if they are banned, and if they are banned it is almost certainly their fault. Increase the number of options we have for reporting people and make sure those who are truly guilty of grief or trolling are blocked from the game for an extended period of time. This is the basic logic.

This weekend I wrote an article on how I want Pokemon Unite players to learn how to play MOBAs properly. In one of the craziest moves I’ve ever seen, a complete stranger found my YouTube account and left a ridiculous – and frankly stupid – comment on an unrelated Breath of the Wild 2 video. toxic and remarkably strange people like this. that need to be banned – I guarantee you it’s a career heartbreak who thinks it’s funny tossing matches in a kid’s game.

Pokemon Unite’s reporting system is down. Until fixed this game will never be as great as it can get.

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