Prescott Police Department Introduces New Online Collision Reporting System


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The Prescott Police Department has created a new online collision reporting system.

The following collision reports can be entered in the online reporting system:

    • Hit and Run Collision – Someone has hit your vehicle or property and then left without providing the driver’s name, address, and vehicle registration number. Failure to provide insurance information is not a hit and run in this state.
    • Minor vehicle collision – You are in a collision and there is less than $ 2,000 in damage to each vehicle and no one needs medical attention. The $ 2,000 minimum is an estimated damage amount for each vehicle, not a combined amount.
    • Private Property Collision – While on private property, such as in the parking lot of a shopping mall, your vehicle is involved in a collision with another vehicle or a fixed object such as a fence, a lamppost, etc.
    • Snowstorm Collision – When a collision without injury occurs, regardless of the amount of damage, during a snowstorm that the police are unable to respond to and you have been asked to file an online report.

Citizens can access the very easy-to-navigate online reporting system by visiting the City of Prescott website:, hover over Services and Safety, click Reporting, then click Reporting. crash online. From there, citizens can create a new collision report.

Those who call the Prescott Regional Communications Center or our Records Section to report a collision, and who qualify, will be asked to call a provided phone number using a cell phone. The citizen will listen to a message regarding our online reporting system and will be asked to enter their cell phone number. After entering their cell phone number, the system will log out and send a text message with the following web link:

What the system offers:

  • The system will reduce the need for an agent to respond to non-emergency vehicle collisions, increasing agent availability for priority calls and community policing activities.
  • The new system simplifies the online reporting process and even allows our citizens to submit a report directly from their cell phone from the scene of the accident, with attached photographs.
  • Submitted reports will be reviewed within 5 working days; if no follow-up is required, the citizen will receive an official police report number that can be used to file a claim with insurance companies.
  • The Prescott Police Department encourages our citizens to use our new online collision reporting system, however, if the collision blocks the road, vehicles are immobilized, or there are injuries, contact the Regional Communications Center in Prescott at (928) 445-3131, or in an emergency, by dialing 911.

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