Pro-life abortion reporting system abandoned by website host


Web hosting service takes down the Texas Right To Life website that encourages informants to report doctors and others who may have helped pregnant women in violation of Texas’ new abortion law.

The site was opened on September 1, the day SB 8 went into effect. The law prohibits abortions after detection of fetal heart activity or about six weeks. The law is enforced through private civil suits, with anyone eligible to receive $ 10,000 plus court costs in the event of a successful lawsuit. The person bringing the lawsuit does not need to be related to the pregnant woman

Texas Right to Life’s whistleblower reporting website will be shut down by its host,, its representatives announced on Friday.

“We have informed that they have 24 hours to switch to another provider for violating our terms of service,” Dan C. Race, spokesperson for told The New York Times.

The site called on people to “report any person or entity who aids or encourages (or who intends to aid or encourage) an illegal abortion in Texas.”

Activists on Twitter and Tiktok posted hundreds of messages Thursday and Friday encouraging people to falsely report into the system.

A TikTok user created a script that can automatically feed fake reports into the website’s tip box, as reported by Motherboard.

Texas Right Life chief executive John Seago did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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