RCMP partners with sexual assault center to improve incident reporting system – FortSaskOnline.com


Strathcona County RCMP have made some changes to help victims of sexual assault.

They have partnered with the Saffron Sexual Assault Center to implement a Supported Reporting Protocol (PRS). The aim is to increase comfort levels in reporting sexual assault and to provide more freedom of choice regarding the reporting process itself.

“The supported reporting protocol changes the scope of reporting sexual violence and gives survivors more decision-making power, creating a trauma-informed process,” said Kiara Vroman, justice, research and advocacy coordinator. awareness for the center.

Survivors will now have the option of making a statement to the police at the Saffron Center rather than a police station if they wish. They will also have the possibility of being accompanied by a victim advocate during the interview.

“Survivors will also have access to the many support systems that SAFFRON has to deal with trauma victims,” said Sergeant Andrew Kyle of the Strathcona County General Investigation Section.

The SRP can be applied to all non-emergency sexual assault complaints filed with the Strathcona County RCMP that are not the result of a 911 call and do not require a hospital visit for examination. immediate forensic.

Cases involving young people under the age of 16 will continue to be referred to the Zebra Child Protection Center in Edmonton, whose staff specialize in supporting children and youth through the police and the court process.

According to Saffron statistics for 2020, most of their clients are women, and their largest demographic is adults between 25 and 64, followed by teens between 13 and 17. The number of cases processed also doubled from 2018 to 2020.


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