The Supreme Court Committee on Highway Safety – SCCoRS: The committee is deeply concerned by the increase in the number of road accidents, injuries and deaths in recent years. It recognizes that road accidents have now become a major public health problem and that the victims are mainly poor and vulnerable road users.

The SCCoRS also recognizes that as road accidents involve roads, motor vehicles and also human beings, therefore road safety must be addressed on a holistic basis. It also recognizes that, regardless of jurisdiction(s), central government and state governments have a joint responsibility in reducing the incidence of road traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities.

The SCCoRS attaches the utmost importance to road safety and urges State Governments to adhere strictly to the powers given to them under Section 215, Sub-section (3) of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 engine. Whereby, each state government should constitute district traffic safety committees. for each district in their state to monitor and improve the level of road safety.

Needless to mention that a long-term, sustainable and successful road safety policy can only be developed with the support of reporting and monitoring at the local level. Therefore, the role of district road safety committees is essential in this endeavour.

To strengthen road safety laws, the Motor Vehicle Act was amended and the Good Samaritan Rules were notified. In addition to the various initiatives taken by various stakeholders, there is an urgent need for strict compliance with the provisions of Section 215, Subsection (3) of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988.

It has been observed that different states have a district traffic safety committee. In order to comply with the provisions of Section 215 Subsection (3) of the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019 they must take all necessary steps to reduce accidents

Simply macdamizing or building new roads without following IRC guidelines leads to more accidents. All districts in Jammu and Kashmir have drafted master plans which reflect a detailed transport plan. The district traffic safety committee shall ensure its implementation to reduce all traffic management issues such as congestion/accidents/road rage/pollution/efficient land use, etc. Audit.


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