Shanghai reporting system launched to encourage residents to participate in tobacco control


Photo: VCG

Using big data technology, Shanghai residents are encouraged to participate in tobacco control and build a smoke-free city through a reporting system launched in Shanghai on Monday.

Shanghai residents can now report tobacco control issues in public places including office buildings, shopping malls and restaurants with the launch of the “Tobacco Control Heat Map”.

Violations of smoke-free regulations, such as smoking in indoor smoke-free locations, can be reported to the system through the “No Smoking Shanghai” public account on WeChat or the Healthcare Cloud mobile app.

In addition to this, people are encouraged to report other tobacco control information such as whether ashtrays were provided in the premises and whether there were any obvious no-smoking signs, and whether there were any obvious no-smoking signs. had advertisements for tobacco.

According to the Shanghai Health Promotion Commission office, using big data technology, the “map” can dynamically display summaries of tobacco control issues provided by local residents, Jiemian News reported. The “map” can mark the frequencies and numbers of places that are signaled by residents with different colors, serving as a reminder and warning to the public.

At the same time, the platform will regularly identify problematic places to strengthen their social and public framework in terms of management, consolidation and rectification of tobacco control, so that everyone takes action and participates in the construction of a tobacco-free city.

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