This is what happened in the last Ethereum All Core Developer Call


Ethereum [ETH] the main developers concluded their 142n/a All Core Developers (ACD) call July 8th. The meeting discussed issues regarding the Merge mainnet fork, among other important network updates.

And we’re leaving

Reports from the meeting were released by lead developer Tim Beiko and Galaxy Digital researcher Christine Kim. The two summaries offer different perspectives on the call. These insights remain important information about how the Ethereum Foundation works.

The first item on the agenda was the Gray Glacier fork that fended off the difficulty bomb. Beiko released an Etherscan chart to claim that block times are now back to normal. He went on to inform that Besu had encountered an issue related to data storage which caused the Besu nodes to sync. The issue has since been resolved and posted to the tweet thread.

Source: Etherscan

Paritosh, a validator whisperer at Ethereum, raised a concern at the meeting for future references.

“For future forks we’re going to have to work a lot more on communication and create a guide to common pitfalls and maybe work on a base script that validates if the nodes are configured correctly, the correct ports are being used, the correct TTD is used, etc.”

Christine Kim also introduced her to sum up of the ACD call. She went on to point out a major distinction in Goerli’s fusion. Kim recalled that Beiko had suggested a change in Goerli’s testnet. According to her, Beiko noted that the complexities could be reduced for Goerli as well as the mainnet. This, he said, could be done by setting one TTD value instead of two. This came as a “surprise” to Kim as it would mean changing the original testnet procedure. She added that the developers were leaning towards keeping the procedure unchanged to “avoid introducing unintended attack vectors”.

The Goerli fork will be the last testnet before the mainnet merge is weighing heavily on developers. Kim also said that “the goal is to deploy mainnet-ready code or at least as close to mainnet-ready code as possible on Goerli.”

Where is ETH now?

ETH price was unaffected by these events after reporting no significant changes during the day. However, ETH rose 17.25% during the week after a “mini crypto rally”. It was trading at $1,219, at press time, after crypto markets breathed a sigh of relief in recent days.


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