Tuesday’s 12,502 daily COVID cases count the highest on record for Ohio


COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio Department of Health reported 12,502 new cases of COVID-19 in the state today, which the agency has confirmed to be the highest number of daily “true” cases Ohio has seen so far, not counting the days with arrears or vacation reports.

The unprecedented level of positive COVID cases in Ohio is likely due in part to the increase in the omicron variant, which early reports show is more transmissible and now accounts for 73% of all cases in the United States , according to the CDC. Just a week ago, omicron accounted for just 3% of cases nationwide.

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The most recent data from ODH on genomic testing for the variants is from December 4 and showed that only 0.27% of the cases tested were the omicron variant, compared to 99.73% which was the once dominant delta variant. New data is expected to be released soon and will likely show a prevalence of omicron that follows national trends.

Key indicators

The number of new cases today is almost 50% higher than the 21-day moving average of daily cases, which is 8,453. These figures include both cases confirmed by a viral test and cases that respond. to the CDC’s definition of probable. To date, there have been 1,478,239 confirmed cases of COVID-19, representing 80% of the total cases.

To date, a total of 198,647 coronavirus cases have been reported in Cuyahoga County, with a significant increase in cases over the past week. There were 3,227 cases reported in the county on December 16, the highest daily number of cases for Cuyahoga County since the start of the pandemic and well over double the highest daily case report during the outbreak end of 2020.


ODH graph showing the recent increase in COVID cases in Cuyahoga County.

There have now been 28,277 coronavirus-related deaths across the state; 249 new deaths have been reported in the past four days as the state changes the frequency with which deaths are reported. There were 434 deaths reported on December 17, the last date on which mortality data was reported by ODH.

As other states do not regularly send death certificates of Ohioans who die out of state to the Office of Vital Statistics at the ODH, the mortality data provided by Ohio will continue to fluctuate and these deaths will be attributed to. their appropriate dates.

To date, 1,678,783 Ohioans are believed to be cured of the disease, according to the ODH.

The median age of people who have or have had COVID is 39 years old, with the age range of those infected ranging from less than 1 year to 111 years old.

Dashboard _ Key indicators (23) .png


Current trends in major COVID metrics over the past 21 days, as of December 21, 2021.


Here’s how Ohio’s vaccination rate compares to other states:

To date, COVID-19 vaccination has been carried out on a total of 6,383,048 people, or 54.61% of the state’s population. In the past 24 hours, the vaccine has been completed in 6,235 people.

County Public Dashboard (29) .png


Current data on complete vaccinations in Ohio.

This graph shows the vaccination rates for each county in Ohio:

To date, 2,417,824 Ohioans have received booster doses, including 32,290 in the past 24 hours.

Groundbreaking hospitalizations and deaths among fully vaccinated Ohioans who are infected with COVID remain rare, with vaccinated Ohioians accounting for 5% of COVID hospitalizations this year and 4% of COVID-related deaths.

“The vaccines do what they can to keep people not only out of the hospital but out of the ICU, unintubated and not suffering from death from COVID,” said Dr Claudia Hoyen, of the Department of Pediatric Infection Control at UH Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital and Co-Director of Infection Control for University Hospitals.


The ODH reported 584 new hospitalizations today, with 81 intensive care admissions. There are currently 4,797 COVID-19 patients in Ohio hospitals and 1,206 COVID-19 patients in intensive care.

Non-COVID patients currently occupy 61% of state hospital beds, according to the ODH. COVID-positive patients represent “18.4%, which leaves 20.6% of beds currently available. COVID patients make up 25.82% of the state’s intensive care beds, non-COVID patients occupy 55.96% of intensive care beds, and 18.22% of intensive care beds are currently open.

“Our emergency departments are overcrowded. Our caregivers are working overtime and are exhausted. We now have more COVID positive patients in our hospitals than ever before,” said Dr Daniel Simon, President, University and External Affairs and scientific director of university hospitals. during a press briefing with several Cleveland-area hospital systems on Tuesday.


There were 24,413 tests performed on December 19, the last day those data of the ODH was available. Of these tests, 23.8% were positive, compared to the average 7-day rolling positivity rate of 18.8%.

Sunday’s positivity rate is the highest reported in Ohio since the start of the pandemic.

Dr Robert Drake, president of the Respiratory Institute at the Cleveland Clinic, also spoke on Tuesday about the positivity rates of the tests he is seeing in his hospital system.

“Just two weeks ago, the rate of positive tests for those with symptoms was around 25%,” Drake said. “Now it’s double at 50%. Those who had no symptoms tested about 20% positive. Now we are at 40% – also double that. But the most alarming for me is that for those who come to test procedures, for example, for surgery or before the procedure, our test positivity rate was less than 1%, and now it’s approaching 10%, almost 10 times higher. These are very alarming numbers, so it’s no wonder our hospitals are filling up with COVID cases.

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Note: The charts above are updated from various sources and may or may not reflect the latest COVID-19 data released by the state. These charts are regularly updated with new data and may not reflect the statistics contained in the text of this story at the time of its publication.

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