Twitch updates reporting process


Twitch’s reporting feature used to report offensive or inappropriate content on the streaming platform is getting a facelift to give users a “more intuitive reporting process,” the Twitch team said this week. The revised reporting process follows a commitment from Angela Hession, vice president of global trust and safety at Twitch, late last year that changes like this would be implemented. following a crackdown on hate raids and other problematic events within the platform. The new reporting system will begin rolling out to users soon, Twitch said, but it won’t be fully implemented for a few months.

You can report someone easily right now on Twitch, but if you’re not sure which category best matches what you’re trying to report, you’ll soon be able to use a search function to find exactly what you are. . looking for. Much of the process is similar to how it works now beyond that search function, with users being prompted to choose a relevant category for their report and then providing additional details about the issue to better explain what’s going on. happened.

“It includes a new search feature to help you find the exact reason for the report you’re looking for, as well as custom menus depending on whether you’re reporting live content, VODs, or clips,” Twitch’s announcement said. . “When filing a report, you will always be prompted to select the most relevant reason for reporting and to include as much information and context as possible to help our team process your report quickly and efficiently. We recommend that you file reports as soon as you notice the violation behavior.”

For starters, the new reporting feature will only be available on the web-based Twitch experience and will come to mobile later. The full rollout won’t be complete for the next few months, which isn’t ideal, Twitch said, but that’s how it’s handled given how the reporting system affects each user.

“We know it seems like a long time, but the reporting tool touches every Twitch user around the world, so we’re taking a thoughtful approach to making sure everything is safe and smooth for our global community,” says the announcement. “The new feed will initially only be available to web users, with mobile changes coming soon. If you don’t have access to the new feed right away, don’t worry, you can still report in using the old process.”


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