Twitter update: Process for reporting abusive tweets is now ‘more empathetic’


Twitter has released a new update that allows users to report abusive tweets in a way described as “more empathetic”. The new approach would allow users to report “symptoms first” in the event of bad behavior.

Twitter makes it easier for users to report potentially malicious tweets

According to the Gizmodo story, Twitter is adding this new feature in order to speed things up when it comes to flagging potentially bad tweets. The previous limitations allowed users to determine whether certain accounts had committed violations.

According to the official Twitter blog post, the new system will be “more empathetic” and also more supportive. When reporting, users will be asked what happened or “symptoms” in order to use the information to suggest certain types of violations that have occurred.

A new process is available for web, iOS and Android platforms

The new process is available on various Twitter platforms, including web, iOS, and Android. The new initiative aims to make the process much easier for users to report whenever there is a violation of Twitter’s rules.

Twitter said the total number of actionable reports the company received increased by 50% when it came to testing the new system. A Twitter data scientist, Brian Waismeyer, noted that in times when urgency is needed, people need to be heard and need to feel supported as well.

The platform asks users to describe what happened during an incident

Waismeyer went on to explain that users won’t have to consult a medical dictionary to report certain issues they have with other users. The new feature aims to help users by making the reporting process much easier.

Waismeyer reportedly spearheaded the development of the all-new process, according to the blog. It was also noted that if users are trying to get help, it is important that they describe what happened to them during the incident.

Users will be required to complete a mini questionnaire for the report

In a blog post published in December, the company revealed that it was actually working on a revamped process for flagging Tweets. The news was first spotted by The Verge, and later Twitter confirmed the news.

The brand new reporting process is quite similar to a mini questionnaire and will not be difficult for users to use. The first thing Twitter asks its users to do is submit the answered questionnaire for the report.

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Twitter provides users with suggestions on what type to report

The process can be found in the “information gathering” section, where users will be asked to categorize different harmful behaviors. Once users are done, they will be asked how the reported user is acting.

Based on the response from the users, the platform will then give a suggestion regarding the type of report to perform. Once the suggestion is given, users will then be asked if the rating was correct and if they wish to proceed with the report.

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