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Mum-of-3 joins UK government scheme to help give Ukrainians a home

A mother-of-three who joined the government scheme to help Ukrainians find housing in Britain described it as a chance ‘for someone to just take away some of the love we have’.

Mandy Arnold has said she is set to open the four-bedroom detached house in Telford, Shropshire, which she shares with her partner John and their children aged nine, three and one because they want to “give back “to someone who has gone through the trauma of war.

She told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “We have the space. We are quite a busy family.

“There’s always something going on in my house, so for someone else to just enjoy this family environment, especially for someone who’s been through what they’ve been through, that’s what I wanted. give back.

“In the long run, this will teach my kids to appreciate another human being – and not even a stranger so much because ultimately when I bring someone into my home, they’ll be a stranger for the first time. minute, then they will be welcome and they will be part of my family.”

Acknowledging that those who come may be traumatized, she added: “We just have to be patient and help them through this and let them know that we are a place of safety and a place of warmth.

“I just think it’s an amazing experience for me to be able to give back to somebody else, and for my kids to be able to give back to somebody, and for somebody to just take some of the love we have.”


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