Unemployment Fraud Awareness and Reporting Process

The Pine Creek Township Police Department recently saw an increase in reports of unemployment fraud. These come from both employers and victims whose identities were used to make the fraudulent claims.

Victims discovered the fraud when they received unemployment benefits they did not apply for, usually on a Commonwealth debit card, received documents that were not requested from the unemployment agency of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or have been notified by their employer of the claim. being file. Victims may also receive a 1099G tax form indicating that they have received unemployment benefits.

Employers were made aware of the fraud when contacted by their unemployment insurers to verify the information provided by the fraudster and the applicant’s employment status.

Victims of unemployment fraud are encouraged to report it to the National Unemployment Agency as well as to their local police department (wherever the victim lives). This fraud can foreshadow future identity theft problems for the victim.

Additional information is available on the pages of the Pennsylvania Office of Unemployment Compensation and the Federal Trade Commission Unemployment ID Theft.

Reports of identity theft and unemployment fraud should be addressed to:

1. Your local police department

2. The Pennsylvania Unemployment Benefit System

3. The FBI Internet Crime Complaints Center IC3

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