What Radiology Providers Need to Know About CPT 2022 Coding Updates


The American Medical Association has made a multitude of updates to current procedural terminology codes in 2022, but only a few will impact imaging.

In total, there are nearly 250 new CPT codes this year and over 60 deletions. Four disappear in imaging, including radiological examination of body sections with complex movements (other than urography) as well as epidurography, radiological monitoring and interpretation.

“Although the following codes that have been removed from use have been used infrequently, firms should review their systems to ensure that they are not used in the future, which would result in denial and delay of payment,” Erin Stephens, senior client manager for education at consulting firm Healthcare Administrative Partners, wrote in an update shared on Monday.

Meanwhile, the AMA also added four new codes for reporting trabecular bone scores, used to assess microarchitecture and predict the risk of major osteoporotic fractures. There is also a new category 1 code for imaging of the gastrointestinal tract of the colon, with interpretation and reporting. Replacing an older code, the update features reimbursement on the Medicare fee schedule, including $122.85 for the occupational component and $971.74 for the overall charge.

There are also two other new codes for reporting thermal nerve destruction – an image-guided procedure that relieves certain lower back pain – in interventional radiology. Stephens also detailed several new Category 3 codes, used to collect data on emerging technologies. Learn more about HAP below.

In other CPT news, the American College of Radiology said it presented five CPT codes for review at the AMA’s Society Relative Worth Scale Update Committee meeting earlier this year. this month.


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